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I Have Been A Passionate Organized Event Planning I have been a passionate organizer for wedding and other family events

We here at the “The Lotus Deligh” are firm believers of “Atithi devo Bhavah”
In everything we do, we stand for something good: the carefully chosen and well crafted ambience of our resort.
It has always been our mission to accomplish. Therefore, we admire and adore thoughtful,well-crafted, and environmentally responsible design; and our deep community support.
We shall endeavour to outperform our own achievements and be acknowledged as a leader in our field. Our motto is to establish an atmosphere in which absolute guest fulfilment is our primary objective.





We recruit top not Chefs and ensure to use high-quality ingredients to provide our customers with first class gourmet food experience that will leave your taste buds zinging for joy. We serve vegetarian foods. We have just one goal, and that is to make your event special.

Our menu offerings are extensive. Choose from a comprehensive list of dishes from our menu or request us to help you build a menu-plan which fits perfect for your event at an affordable price.


Our Dreams Banquet in Bhandup offers all types of catering solutions to meet the customer’s demands. Whatever may be the occasion, from a small casual gathering to a lavish party and from a wedding to a corporate event.

So, go ahead and give us an opportunity to serve you. Relying on our experience, we assure you that, we make your dream event one of the most cherished memories of your life and it will be remembered for years and years.

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